Dnipropetrovsk House Of Organ And Chamber Music

The Dnipropetrovs’k house of organ and chamber music (The national monument of architecture and history) is a visiting card of Dnipropetrovs’k region, where the spiritual traditions and traditions of organ and chamber music are help and continued.

 It is located in Bryanskaya Church, which was built in neoclassicism style with Baroque Elements to 300 anniversary of the Romanovs' reigning and it is one of the best architectural construction of Ekaterinoslav (Dnipro nowadays) at the beginning of the XX century.

 The interior is decorated with the new wall paintings and stained-glass windows made by artists V. Danilov and S. Isaev. It creates an image of Music temple.

 With the opening of the house of Organ and Camber Music a new epoch in cultural life of Dnipro began. It is the epoch of organ and chamber music of European level. Prominent European and world musicians perform on it's stage creating a new image of the region.

 During more than a quartet of a century our organ and the immortal creations of Bach, Gendel, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and other geniuses which sow our souls with spiritual reviving granules sound here.

 The Organ is considered to be an attribute of western church. Although this idea is not a right one. A long period of the Organ's history is decorated with especially soviet colours being a part of elite art.     

 Organ is the most ancient musical instrument, created over 2 thousands years ago, - in III century BC by the Greek master Ktesibiem. Every Organ has its own character and unique voice the same as people do.

 In our House of organ and chamber music a classical, huge 12-tones key wind instruments the Organ, in the phoning of which all the world's sounds including birds singing imitation are gathered was built. The Organ was created by the masters of German organ building company "Sauer" which is oriented to the Bach epoch taking into account the architectural and acoustic peculiarities of Briansk church.

 The Organ has 2074 pipes of different diameters: from needle – shaped section to 15 centimeters, of length from a few cm to 5 meters, including mechanisms for heating the air two manual keyboards-manuals and a foot-pedal keyboard and 30 registers.

 Worldwide famous masters of art consider it an honor to play on our organ.

 Each year the Cathedral more than 300 concerts, international festivals, competitions, tours of domestic and foreign artists.

 The mission of our creative staff is to help developing of a unique resource – education and creation of new cultural values of Dnipro youth, to enrich the spiritual world of our listeners by the magic power of organ and classical music, to give the sense of unity with high art, to teach to understand and love an unlimited ocean of harmonic music, opening in our soul everything that truly makes us happy.

 Our social and professional position is providing culture politics to our life.  

 The creative identity of our staff, the diversity of our repertoire, where modernity borders on the past, attract the attention of the guests of Dnipropetrovs’k region, Ukraine and Europe in whole.      

 New musical projects are especially popular:


  • Concerts «To Classical Music Concerts in Crawlers» and «Big Music for Little Hearts» for children from 1 year to 5 years;
  • Concerts for pregnant women «Music for Two» with interactive learning the Mozart lullaby «Sleep, my darling, go to sleep»;
  • Concerts «The whole family in the Organ Hall»;
  • Concerts «Music Gallery» «Poem of music and light» with reproductions of paintings Roerich and Russian artists;
  • Concerts programs using laser animation;
  • Concerts playing the organ in four hands;
  • Concerts for children, winners of contests and festivals of Dnipropetrovs’k region;
  • Concerts of rock and jazz artist backuped up by organ.
  • cycles of concerts “Music heals” with presentation of musical recipe;
  • concert-performance "Bach's music code"
  • concert-performance «Еhe magic of musicals»
  • concert-performance «Chaikovsky. Amid the din of the ball»


Harmonic chord of beauty and kindness unites the creative collectivity of soloists:


  • Chamber Orchestra «Divertissement»; 
  • Conductor – Honored Artist of Ukraine Yuri Porohovnyk;
  • Salon Orchestra «Rhapsody» led by Vadim Zhavoroncov;
  • A Capella Singing Ensemble «Orpheus» led by Taras Hmylyuk; 
  • String Quartet «Harmony» led by Lyudmila Semenova ;
  • Accordion Duo «Monte Carlo» Konstantin Ivanchenko, Sergei Zhorov;



  • Honored Artist of Ukraine Nadia Yuriychuk; 
  • Kseniya Belikova;
  • Anna Lappo.


  • Winners of international competitions Olga Kutakova (violin), 
  • Tatyana Kuznetsova (flute)
  • Konstantin Tsatsin (violin), 
  • Honored Artist of Ukraine Olga Zernaeva (flute), 
  • Taras Skripnikov (clarinet), 
  • Oleksandr Bilousov (piano), 
  • Sergey Bilenko (piano).

Soloists Singers:

Andriy Babich, People's Artist of Ukraine; Zinaida Chepa, Galina Ohotnyk, Tatyana Ulkina, Oleksandr Blagodarniy.


Olena Gamova, Anastasiya Bonachova.

Аrt word Sergey Miledin.

 Today the House of Organ and Chamber Music remains committed to its honorable mission to revive and develop the art of organ, Ukrainian national, classical art, harmonizing universal spiritual values.


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 Anton Cherneta – Director of Dnipropetrovs’k House of Organ and Chamber Music 

 Elina – Chief Administrator tel.+38(063) 026-15-10